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HUS86 offers a wide range of furniture; Solid and bentwood furniture as well as sofas and office chairs and conference chairs: we have a track record of consistently maintaining high quality standards and competitive prices for our products


For our bentwood chairs and solid-wood furniture, we mainly use Chinese and Russian pine, birch, oak, ash and poplar/aspen. Our production is located in the Shandong, Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces. These regions are not only rich in superb raw materials, but also home to professionals that truly know wooden materials and pride in their wood processing skills.

Our sofas and office chairs and conference chairs are produced in the Guangdong Province were we work with a few carefully selected manufacturers. We produce diverse types of sofas, from classical to modern models, and with great variation in design and material.

We produce a wide range of office and conference chairs, from basic meeting room chairs to multifunctional and ergonomic workstation chairs. Materials we use include standard fabric, micro fiber and leather.

  • Bentwood chairs
  • Solid wood furniture
  • Office Chairs
  • Conference chairs
  • Sofas and couches


Upon request from customers, HUS86 also produces semi-finished products and components. We currently provide Scandinavian customers with metal frames for chairs and tables, as well as metal fittings and plastic components.

Production of components is often a practical approach for small businesses looking for purchasing opportunities in China. Components production offers a chance to evaluate the possibilities before whole productions of complete product are moved to China.

  • Metal frames
  • Metal folding parts
  • Plastic fittings
  • Wooden Components
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