The Blue Peppermint Mill For The Celebrity Chef

Hus86 was asked by the Swedish celebrity chef Tina Nordströms to develop and manufacture her favorite spice grinder in China! Tina's spice grinder was originally given to her by her beloved grandmother. She entrusted us to take good care of it and we created a replica in Sweden before bringing it to China were we found a suitable factory who could make this product with precisely the right color, finish of material and also to applied the traditional Swedish Dalamålning! The project was fun but challenging; it demanded high quality and production was low-volume by Chinese standards. We took it from an idea to sample, and mass production in 3 months with a satisfactory result. Tina loves it and our spice grinder regularly features on her popular TV programs.


Hus86 has been selling different kind of sporting goods since we started in 2002. In 2018 Hus86 started up their subsidiary YouPadel where we focus on different kind of equipment for Padel. Now you can buy both YouPadel products but also your own branded goods, such as overgrip, padel balls, wristbands and ball trolleys etc. We are producing for Padel of Sweden, Växjö - Halmstad Padelcenter, JSTN - Uppsala Padelcenter, Halmstad Padel Club etc.

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