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HUS86 provides outstanding services to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers in Scandinavia and the European continent. Our services and products include sourcing, purchase, and production of wide range of furniture, semi-finished furniture and components. SOURCING, QUALITY CONTROL, AND LOGISTICS Some of our customers prefer to purchase existing range of products, such that our partner-factories continuously produce and at all time maintain a stock of. For such customers, HUS86 offers sourcing services to find appropriate factories, supervise quality control, and coordinate logistics. Please contact us at for inquiries. For request for proposal (RFP), please specify the product, volume, and terms, and we will get back to you within 72 hours for our initial assessment. Don't forget to include your name, company name, and contact details. PROPRIETARY DESIGN AND PRODUCTION HUS86 provides a comprehensive range of services and products for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers who seek to place their production in China. We help our customers develop products according to their specifications and requirements, under our quality assurances, and ship with our trusted logistics partner. We have a few customers who contact us seeking to switch their existing suppliers in search for better ones. Others are first-time buyer with little experience in buying from China. Whether you are switching or investigating opportunities in China for the first time, we can give you a glimpse of how we work, and how we can help you get started:

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First, they said China will be the world's factory Next, they said production in China is the key to winning your market Now, we must qualify that statement: It's not about manufacturing in China – what really gives you an edge over your competitors is how well you manage your production in China. Naturally, the usual metrics such as price/quality and time to market are critical to a successful purchasing strategy for China as they are elsewhere. However, numerous failures testify that purchasing in China can be a costly experience with delays, sub-standard quality, and communication problems. HUS86 is at your service to avoid troubles of purchasing in China. As our customer, you will;

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Not have to deal with negotiations: our partners know us, trust us and will provide us with their best products to their best prices, and for new factories that we find on your behalf, we make sure they are suitable business partner that meet your needs.

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Find us invaluable as a source of quality assurance: our own staff will monitor the production and supervise QC on-site, and make sure that high standards and consistency is secured. We also conduct a final QC before the goods are shipped.

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Have speedy and streamlined production cycle: Not only are we experienced furniture traders, but we also understand business in China, and communicate in Chinese with them directly. With your production in our hands, no more surprises!

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Have access to first-hand information from China: We are based in Beijing, Guangzhou and Harbin, and are aptly placed to find important news and market trends from our partners and coverage of local events. As opportunities arise, you will learn about it before your competitors.

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